The two partners of this company, Daniel and Alan have attended over ninety county courts in England and Wales completing bankruptcy petitions for their clients who have come to the point of needing fresh financial start to their lives. Their knowledge of bankruptcy and how it can be used as a permanent cure for anyone who is financially ill has helped hundreds rebuild their esteem, recover from their depression, and start to live again without fear of the phone ringing the door knocking, and the postman coming down the path. Talk to either of us now 8am to 8pm 7 days week 01782 825245 mobiles 01782 825245, we promise never to try to push you down this route, that has to be your decision we advise you to also call others to compare our service but be carefull of filling in boxes on debt sites as usually your details are just sold on as leads.

If you answer YES to most of these questions, then,

Voluntary Bankruptcy may be the answer for you

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Voluntary Bankruptcy allows you to control your debt situation BEFORE one of your creditors takes you through the court system and/or the Bailiff comes knocking at your door with a warrant to possess your goods.

Your personal debts, called unsecured debts, which might include credit cards, store card debts, personal loans, mobile phone accounts and utilities debts are all cancelled if you proceed with Voluntary Bankruptcy.

Once you are bankrupt your creditors, by law, must then stop calling you, or harassing you, the threatening letters will stop, all of which are making your life a misery. You can start to live again, enjoy picking up the phone, looking forward to your daily post and opening the door with confidence.

How Debt Accumulates. You may have experienced a period of unemployment, reduced employment, ill health or a relationship breakdown, this may have meant using credit to pay your bills as a short term remedy.

Managing Debt. Getting into debt is easy especially when the banks and finance companies seem so willing to provide you with credit cards and store cards. Credit card companies send out thousands of unsolicited applications every day bombarding people with their cards.

ACS Bankruptcy Service England and Wales provides help and assistance for anyone considering Voluntary Bankruptcy. We help manage debt, creditors, bankruptcy, debts, credit card debt, debt relief, debt assistance, debt problems, debt collectors, debt help, debt advice. The British Government, via the Enterprise Act (2002) has put provisions in place to enable people to become debt-free and get on with their lives again - stress-free! "Bankruptcy provides legitimate relief from debts incurred by those who are in genuine financial difficulty". If you have overwhelming debt problems and creditors are threatening you with Court Action or you have been issued with a Court Summons from one of your creditors, it may be time to consider voluntary bankruptcy. Many finance companies and credit card providers offer easy credit to encourage you to buy now, pay later! Then when you find that you can't pay off your debt, the debt collectors start to send threatening letters, and begin ringing at all hours of the day and night and even call on you. They can cause so much harassment that you can't sleep at night for worry!

Most people who have debt problems have been through a period of unemployment, reduced employment, relationship breakdown and prolonged illness. They started to use credit as a means of bridging the gap between their reduced income and their soaring financial commitments. Though most people say that they would prefer to pay off their debts in full, they find that debt collectors, banks and finance companies put unreal demands on them and it becomes impossible to continue paying off all their debts. Bankruptcy is usually considered the worst case scenario when you are faced with overwhelming debt problems. These days, fortunately, there is no longer the same stigma about bankruptcy. The relief at not having the stress of continual debt problems far out weighs any negative thoughts about bankruptcy.

Voluntary bankruptcy puts you back in control of your situation. Generally the debt collectors are silenced. You do not have to appear in Court. The bailiff will not come to your house to repossess your goods and you need not lose your home. You will not lose your passport. You will have all of your unsecured debts such as credit card debts, mobile phone debts, and personal loan debts wiped from the slate. The period of bankruptcy is generally 12 months although you will have a bad credit rating for 7 years but most people considering bankruptcy will know that they already have a bad credit rating.

The Solution to Debt Problems. To help you recover from overwhelming debt situations, the British Government brought in The Enterprise Act 2002 which means since the 1st April 2004 there have been considerable changes to the laws concerning Bankruptcy in England.

Previously, Bankruptcy would typically last for a period of 2 to 3 years, but now the majority of bankruptcies will be discharged after only 12 months, many before.

The law was changed to give those with genuine cases of financial hardship the opportunity to be free of their indebtedness.

We can apply The Solution to your situation, to get you free from debts taking care of everything from the paperwork, including a fully hand holding escorted service to the court.