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About ACS Bankruptcy Services

Our office is central to the UK, which is why we cover the whole of England and Wales, wherever you are we will have been there, also we are happy to speak with you anytime our office does not close until late evening any day of the week, whichever partner you speak with will be the partner who helps put you back on your feet again.

Our Service
One call we do it all. We attend to all the documentation, book the court appointment, and go with you to see the whole painless bankruptcy process through in about half a day.

Our Team
This is our team Daniel Griffiths and Alan Challinor

We are a small and friendly team with an abundance of maturity, compassion and empathy for those who find themselves in your position - overwhelming debt problems.

Our background has been many years within the financial services industry. We are well aware how the banks and credit card companies have tempted you with offering to lend sometimes more than you can afford to pay back.

Because we know how you are hurting and that you are probably at your wits end, and have taken some time before seeking assistance, we promise you that we will respond to you very quickly indeed.


"Thanks for everything the first time we have a restful nights sleep",
Regards Hazel and Ron - Walsall

"Having you at the court made all the whole process painless thanks for everything",
Craig - Stoke

"I no longer dread the thought of a knock at the door, many thanks for helping us, i have recommended you to a friend",
Sally - wolverhampton

"Many thanks for everything",
Joy - Telford

"We could never have completed the documentation alone thanks for everything",
Donna and Tim - Wolverhampton